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what makes a good story?
A memorable story?

At Shatterglass Films, we believe that a good story should be timeless. It should be impactful. A good story should be one that is both enjoyable and fluid — inviting discourse. The characters should be rich and their journeys engaging. We at Shatterglass understand that a good story is one you want to experience again, to share, and to ponder. We believe in producing films that are more than just entertaining. We believe in telling stories that are emotionally impactful; ones that feel as transformative to you as an audience, as they are to our characters on-screen. We believe in sharing stories that are as important to tell as they are award-winning or successful. It is this belief, and the talent of our creative team of expert storytellers, that makes Shatterglass Films a key player amongst independent filmmakers. We are committed to producing high-quality, artistically- driven stories that appeal to a wide variety of audiences, connecting with each of you in ways that — while hopefully different — will most certainly be memorable. We find and develop these stories from concept to completion. It takes creative ingenuity and passion. Sure, there’s technical wizardry, blood, sweat and tears going on behind the scenes, but what you will see is something inspiring and beautiful; something we love and are excited to share with you.