Image Comics’ Rural Horror/Noir Title “Revival” Gets Film Adaptation by Luke Boyce

CHICAGO, IL, April 23, 2017 — Shatterglass Films announced they will produce a live-action feature-film adaptation of the critically-acclaimed comic series “Revival” by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, who will also produce. The announcement was made at a panel at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo where the filmmakers showed a surprise “proof of concept” teaser trailer to the room of fans. "Revival" is a blend of mystery, thriller and horror set in the winter stillness of rural Wisconsin where the recently deceased members of the community arise and return to their lives as if nothing happened. Caught up in the maelstrom of emotional and ideological turmoil the event brings to the town, Officer Dana Cypress struggles to maintain order at the same time she quietly investigates the murder of her younger sister Em, who is one of the recently “revived.” Production is slated to begin in early 2018 with Shatterglass Films co-founder Luke Boyce directing a script co-written by "Revival" co-creator Tim Seeley and Sarah Fischer.

“I am beyond ecstatic to be bringing this incredible work to life. ‘Revival’ has consistently been one of the best titles from Image in the past few years and one of my absolute favorites since it debuted in 2012. Long before I ever met Tim and Mike, I dreamed of being able to adapt this story on film and I intend to do everything I can to realize it to its full potential.” said Boyce.

Nominated for three Harvey Awards, collected editions of "Revival" have sold over one million copies from publisher Image Comics, home of other successful and upcoming comic adaptations like “The Walking Dead,” “Outcast,” “The Wicked & The Divine,” “Sex Criminals” and “Descender.” Creators Tim Seeley and Mike Norton are known for their success with independent comics such as “HACK/SLASH” and “Battlepug,” as well as for work with comic publishing giants Marvel and DC, such as the critically acclaimed “Nightwing.”

“Part of what’s so exciting about working with a company like Shatterglass is that not every comic story needs to be a hundred million dollar plus movie nor should they be. Teaming up independent comics with an independent film production company just makes sense,” said Seeley.

The managing partners at Shatterglass Films have been involved with over a dozen films, including an upcoming adaptation of “Death of Innocence,” Mamie Till-Mobley's memoir on the death of her son, Emmett Till, produced in association with Chaz Ebert. Other projects include Mark Robert’s “Rantoul and Die,” based on his critically acclaimed play, and A24’s Chance the Rapper vehicle “Slice.” Their recent short film, “The Pooka,” directed by Boyce and featuring “This is Us” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” star Chris Sullivan, will make its world premiere at the Chicago Underground Film Festival in June.

 by Luke Boyce

CANNES, FRANCE (May 14, 2015) - Shatterglass Films and Chaz Ebert (LIFE ITSELF), wife of former Urbana native and Chicago Sun-Times Film Critic Roger Ebert, announced today they will adapt award-winning book Death of Innocence: The Story of the Hate Crime That Changed America for film. The book, based on the life of slain Chicago teenager Emmett Till, was co-written by Till’s mother, the late Mamie Till-Mobley and award-winning journalist Christopher Benson, nominated for a 2004 Pulitzer Prize and won a Robert F. Kennedy Book Award Special Recognition that year. 

Emmett Till, a 14 year-old boy who was visiting relatives in the Mississippi Delta, was slain after reportedly whistling at a white woman. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the brutal lynching of Emmett Till that took place on August 28th, 1955. Till’s murder, which was the focus of international press coverage, inspired Americans in their quest for justice and equality, and galvanized the Civil Rights Movement that ultimately led to federal legislation, and extensive legal and social progress.

"The full Emmett Till story needs to be told now and told well as a narrative for our times, given all that is happening on American streets today and Shatterglass Films are the people to tell it,” said Chaz Ebert. 

Christopher Benson added, “This is not an African American story, it is an American story.” 

“We are proud to play a vital role in bringing this compelling story to a wide audience at this critical time in our history,” said award-winning producer Brett Hays (CONSUMED). “The film will fill in the gaps in public awareness regarding the significance of Till’s death, particularly in light of recent slayings of Black youth in American cities under questionable circumstances.”

“For the first-time in a feature-length film, people will see Emmett Till’s story, which is a critical part of America’s journey toward social, legal and political progress," commented producer Luke Boyce. “Audiences will see Till as more than the icon we have come to know mostly in photographs.” 

Luke Boyce, Brett Hays and Jen Shelby are producing the film for Shatterglass Films, and Christopher Benson is also producing. Chaz Ebert and Nate Kohn are executive producing.

Principal photography will be completed in Chicago, the Mississippi Delta and Central Illinois in 2016.